Kraft Baterias

Tudor Náutica batteries are designed for excellence performance in applications for jet skis, small, medium or large motorboats and vessels that require high starting power and service. With special features Tudor Marine batteries provide more starts under severe conditions in the hottest temperatures as well as convenience to the user with maintenance-free technology (not necessary to add water).

Grids: these grids are built with state-of-the-art alloys containing noble elements which provide better resistance to corrosion, longer storage time or longer operation. The design of grids in shape of diamond (negative plate) and reinforcement in the frame allows higher mechanical resistance, better adherence of active mass and energy conduction with low electrical resistance which increases lifetime. These features allow use in severe applications of vibration and temperature, very common in marine segment.

Plates: Framed positive plates built with high quality lead and special components which provide battery active material of high resistance to cycles to overcome requirements of start and service (dual purpose). Negative plates are built with components which generate micro spheres and allow perfect chemical reaction, generating higher starting current (fraction of seconds), providing more starts in severe conditions of temperature.

Separators: Special envelopes filled with high corrosive resistance polyethylene, low electrical resistance and controlled microporosity, making isolation of positive and negative plates, allowing good ionic exchange and excellent performance of batteries submitted to multiple starts and vibrations.

Terminals and connectors: sized to meet the severity of the application and conduction of high intensity of starting current they are locked internally to withstand vibration. The double terminals (screw and tapered pole default) allow multiple connections easily.

Plastic Set: Injected polypropylene copolymer which has high impact strength, with a robust design with labyrinths and anti-flame dual arrestors embedded in the cover, which form a double seal assembly which ensures decantation and filtration of acidic gases generated by the chemical reaction, preventing access and contact with acidic solution of the battery.

Charge indicator: Allows watching the battery charge status or the battery on charge suffered through three colors indicating each condition (uploaded, downloaded and overhead).

Anatomical handles: Adequate greater security, convenience in handling during installation of the batteries, avoiding falls and damages. (Except TNF18D)